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DMK Acu Creme

DMK Acu Creme

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Acu Crème aims to regulate cell turnover to purify and decongest the skin while providing moisture and nourishment. Recommended for thickened, congested skin and skin prone to breakouts.


Acu Crème is formulated for congested skin which is typically identified by faster cell proliferation, excess sebum, and a crusty thickened textured skin. Acu Crème can also be used on men with ingrown beard hairs.

Professional directions:
  • Cleanse skin and apply DMK serums.

  • Apply a pea-sized amount of Acu Crème, spray with Herb & Mineral Mist and work into the skin.

  • SPF should be applied over Acu crème to protect the skin.
Key ingredients:
  • Avocado Oil – Softens the skin, antibacterial, healing and improves blood circulation. Packed with Essential Fatty Acids. Avocado Extract penetrates the skin deeply providing many vitamins that help skin rejuvenation, increases levels of collagen production, anti-oxidant, Beta-Carotene, Potassium and Lethicin, relief of damaged skin, deep moisturization, even helping in revising acne, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Gadi Lecur Oil (Cod Liver Oil) – Packed with Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin A and D.

  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Oil) – Retains moisture, and in doing so prevents the skin from drying out, it helps to keep wrinkles at bay and the skin looking youthful and vibrantly healthy. Containing a rich mixture of vitamins and other natural substances that have a healthy effect on your skin and its pores, it is extremely powerful at minimizing bacteria and maintaining youthful skin. It is very good for acne sufferers. It is very high in antioxidants, particularly the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E. Contains the nutrients: Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Lecithin, Tocopherols, Carotenoids, Selenium, Proteins, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Omega-6 Fatty Acids. Moreover, Folate or Folic Acid, present in Sunflower Oil, helps the body to manufacture new cells. Sunflower Oil works as a protective and moisturizing solution for skin. A study published in The Lancet suggests that Sunflower Oil skin treatments may help prevent infection.

  • Citrus Grandis Seed Extract (Grapefruit Seed Extract) – Grapefruit Seed Extract has been used to fight bacteria, and to strengthen the immune system. As a preservative, it has been added to cosmetics. Broad-spectrum, citrus-based antimicrobial.
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