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DMK Contraderm

DMK Contraderm

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Contraderm is an anti-trauma formula that can be used for minor skin irritations and itching due to eczema, dermatitis or skin revision treatments.


Initially developed as an anti-irritant crème following resurfacing and corrective treatments, Contraderm is frequently used by laser surgeons to assist in the promotion of healthy new cell growth. Skin that has undergone a traumatic procedure is often preoccupied with defending the new skin cells. However, skin cells that release new cells to the surface too quickly will create a scar. Contraderm takes over this defence so the new cells can come to the surface naturally.


Contraderm is an excellent product to use after Chemical Peels. Ideal for broken skin, Contraderm is a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritant crème.

Professional directions:

  • Apply for 10 days following deep professional treatment, or to problem areas as necessary depending on the severity of the condition.

Note: The anti-trauma formula for red reactive skin or skin recovering after any skin treatment. Also good for reactive skins in general. 

Key ingredients:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera) – Known for its healing and hydrating properties, it helps to soften the skin and acts as an anti-irritant.

  • Glycyrrhiza Glaba Root Extract (Licorice Extract).

  • Olive Oil – Olea Europaea – Olive Oil has a number of health and beauty benefits and can be used in a variety of ways in skin care. Olive Oil absorbs UV radiation and is very efficient in lowering the metabolic rate of the body cells, therefore assisting in repairing cells and in preventing cell damage. Olive Oil is soothing and healing to all skin types. Linoleic Acid is a component of Olive Oil that the human body doesn’t produce. Linoleic Acid prevents water from evaporating, making Olive Oil the perfect natural lubricant. You can use Olive Oil as a daily moisturizer that will penetrate deep into the skin, meaning that the moisturizing effects will last much longer than those of most commercial lotion. Olive Oil’s antioxidants, including vitamins E and A, can repair skin damage caused by weather, sun and air pollution. The antioxidants stimulate skin cells, promoting faster regrowth and repair and slowing the skin-aging process. Olive Oil can make skin appear firmer and smoother, while it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Sweet Almond Oil – Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis – Sweet Almond Oil is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and extremely rich in vitamin E. Good moisturizer for all skin types, simply because it is easily absorbed. One of the most important Sweet Almond Oil benefits is that for dry and chapped skin. Using Sweet Almond Oil will surely make your skin soft and supple. If your skin is itchy or inflamed, you can use Almond Oil for dark circles. It will also rehydrate the skin and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. The benefits from using Sweet Almond Oil include reducing discoloration on the skin, adding moisture to chapped or chafed skin improves the overall complexion and prevents dry or flaking skin. Since Almond Oil features vitamin E, it also helps to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin.

  • Gluconolactone – In skin care products, Gluconolactone can help improve the overall quality of the skin. As an active ingredient, Gluconolactone is often added to formulas because of its skin-conditioning properties. The molecules that come together to form Gluconolactone are naturally attracted to water. When the ingredient is applied to the skin, these “water hungry” molecules pull moisture out of the air and allow it to be absorbed by the skin. By drawing water droplets from the air in this way, Gluconolactone helps to soften and soothe dry skin and replenish lost moisture. In addition, Gluconolactone forms a barrier on the skin, preventing moisture already present in the tissue from evaporating.

  • Tocopheryl Acetate – A barrier against moisture evaporation.

  • Allantoin.

  • Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract.

  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil – Sunflower Oil retains moisture, and in doing so prevents the skin from drying out. Containing a rich mixture of vitamins and other natural substances that have a healthy effect on your skin and its pores, it is extremely powerful at minimizing bacteria and maintaining youthful skin. It is very good for acne sufferers, especially if the traditional acne remedies have failed. It is very high in antioxidants, particularly the antioxidant vitamins A, C and Contains the nutrients: Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Lecithin, Tocopherols, Carotenoids, Selenium, Proteins, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Omega-6 fatty acids. Moreover, Folate or Folic Acid, present in Sunflower Oil, helps the body to manufacture new cells. Sunflower Oil works as a protective and moisturizing solution for skin. A study published in The Lancet suggests that Sunflower Oil skin treatments may help prevent infection.

  • Retinyl Palmitate.

  • Lecithin – An antioxidant and emollient derived from soybeans and rich in essential amino acids.

  • Grape Seed Oil – Strong antioxidant properties.

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – Stimulates collagen production.

  • Retinol – Exfoliates dead cell material and stimulates cell renewal.

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