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Zena Algae Peel - Package of 3

Zena Algae Peel - Package of 3

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The Zena Algae Peel (aka. liquid microneedling) utilizes the cutting-edge technology and unique properties of bioactive compounds naturally produced by specific marine algae (seaweed crystals) that penetrate and dissolve the epidermal layer of the skin, which reduces acne inflammation and oil production. Seaweed crystals contain tiny spicules that penetrate the skin, dissolving the upper layer of the skin, brightening it, reducing acne, lightening pigmentation and melasma, reducing acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles, as well as it can improve the appearance of stretch marks and tighten the skin.

Zena Algae Peel is rich in vitamin A, E and C in addition to Zinc and Copper. Once applied to the skin, the seaweed crystals will be gently massaged into the skin for 5-10 mins. Resurfacing your skin with the Zena Algae Peel will result in more youthful and healthy-looking skin. It will deeply stimulate collagen and enhance your skin cells.

The effects of the seaweed crystals remain inside your epidermal layer for 24-48 hours before dissolving. During that time, your skin will experience a mild redness. The first few days after treatment, you will experience some dryness in the treated area. Subsequently, it will peel for 3-5 days. After the healing process, new, rejuvenated skin will be revealed!

Please note: Once purchased, a package of 3 Zena Algae Peel treatments will be added onto your file at The Vancouver Aesthetician to be booked and used when you please. All packages expire July 31st 2024.

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