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4111 Hastings St. #205
Burnaby BC, V5C 2J3

Text: 403-425-0046

Opening Hours: By Appointment Only
Monday to Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sundays & Thursdays: Closed

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This beautiful client came in concerned about her acne and pigmentation which she had been struggling with for years. With just one facial and completely changing her skincare routine to medical grade products we were able to vastly improve her acne. We have now moved on to doing a series of chemical peels to combat her pigmentation.

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This client struggled with acne and picking her skin to the point it was raw. We did a series of 5 DMK Signature Enzyme treatments over the course of 5 weeks. We also completely switched her skincare routine to medical grade products. The hardest part of this transformation was controlling the urge to pick, by reducing the acne we were able to help reduce that urge.

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This client had her acne under control but was concerned about what the acne had left behind. Post inflammatory erythema, the red marks that stick around for months after a breakout. With just one Growth Factor Microneedling treatment and incorporating medical grade skincare into her home care routine we were able to see major improvement.

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